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    Addict Studios is the largest open and unobstructed studio in the city of Madrid

    400m Studio see photos

    One Set with 11 x 7 x 6 meters cove and another without

    From 5 to 7 meters height, 25 meters shooting range & lighting grid

    Car entrance & free parking at door (even trucks)

    Meeting & Rest areas

    Independent Make up & Dressing room (25 sq.m) fully equiped

     Cold & Heat 30 kf Climatization

    Wi Fi 12MB + Imac G5

    Three Toilets (one with private shower)

    Full equiped kitchen & Catering Service (excelent paella)

    Shooting with water is possible

    Metro at 5 minutes (Marqués de Vadillo – L5), Bus & taxi stop very close

    Easy and Quick Access from M30 Highway & commercial area closer

    Healthy enviroment, Green & Sport areas around the studio thanks to park at the door

    Experienced photography and digital. assistants

    Rates & conditions    Dossier Addict Studios    ADDICT STUDIOS MAP

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